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Summer is here in full force and we hope everyone is able to stay cool.  Your backbone staff and Steering Committee are working hard to launch the movement in a way that meets our collective interests.  Read on to see what’s happening…

Survey Response

What a great response to the post kick-off event survey – thank you! Here’s what we are already learning from each other….

  1. 80% of us learned something new about ACEs and Resiliency at the event
  2. 7% of us believe a tri-county effort to increase resiliency in our communities is a good idea.
  3. 85-98% of us want the movement to help build awareness in our communities, provide tools, resources and training for clients and organizations and the community, strengthen the network of organizations serving the same clients, and help us with measurement so we can better understand and increase our impact.
  4. We are ready to pitch in with building awareness, volunteering, serving in a speakers bureau, providing space / in-kind services / shared employees, and providing funding.

For a more detailed summary of the survey, email Katiehmcclure@gmail.com

Website and Facebook Page

A website is under construction and will include things like:

  • Description of the movement
  • Shared Agenda and Metrics – do you have measures that have worked for you? We’d love to share them!
  • Lists of partners, tools and resources – do you have tools and resources that have worked well for you? We’d love to include them!
  • Link to Commitment Form

Similarly, a Facebook page is under construction and will be a place where we can all share what we are learning.

What else do you want to see in the website or on the Facebook page? Email katiehmcclure@gmail.com with your suggestions. Note: we are looking for pictures to use on the website and to post on the Facebook page. Send us any you’d like to share and that can be used publicly!

So what do we do next?

(Questions on – or input to – any of the below? Contact Katie McClure at katiehmcclure@gmail.com or 541-410-8779)?

Three things:

  1. Commit to working together
  2. Build a shared agenda and understand what’s already working
  3. Engage others and begin to learn
  4. Commit to working together.

Now is the time to formally build the movement! A formal commitment form is in the works. What kind of commitment is this? It’s a real one. This commitment involves:

  1. A statement of our commitment* and a commitment to engage each of our audiences. Why? Research shows that putting a commitment in writing makes us more likely to follow through. When we engage new partners, we can increase the impact of this work.
  2. Making this work part of our formal strategic plans. Why? Greater resiliency will allow all of us to be more engaged in the work of our organizations and communities.
  3. Participating in the movement by sharing, learning, and adapting together. Why? So we make progress faster.

What do I do? Email katiehmcclure@gmail.com if you’d like to help us refine what ‘commitment’ means. We’ll send you the first draft for comment.  Get ready to sign on!

  1. Build a shared agenda.

From the many conversations going on throughout our communities and the feedback received at the kickoff event, a shared agenda has been drafted. This shared agenda is a starting point and will evolve as we learn together.

  1. If we increase awareness and knowledge in our communities, and if more of our organizations commit to working and learning together…
  2. Then, the network of organizations will begin to strengthen, more of us will adopt proven policies and practices, more of our employees will feel supported, resilient, and competent, which will lead to
  3. More service recipients achieving positive outcomes in the face of adversity.
  4. When this happens, our communities will see
    1. Increased wellbeing
    2. Increased educational attainment
    3. Increased employment

What do I do? Take a look at the graphic and let us know what you think. Email comments to katiehmcclure@gmail.com. This is a living document and will evolve as we learn together with formal updates occurring annually.

  1. Engage others and begin to learn.

In response to the request to have this movement help increase engagement in our communities, representatives from throughout the region are gathering to help build a Common Message that can be customized for use in each of our communities. This message can be used in community conversations aimed at building awareness and enticing more (new!) organizations to join the movement.

What do I do? Host or consider hosting a community conversation with potential new partners to share the message (the issue, why it matters, how we can address it) and work towards greater coordination of efforts in your local community (city? Tribe? Church? Neighborhood?). If you do this, let us know how it’s going and how we can support you! Not sure where to start? Give us a call.

Next newsletter (September): More updates on building the movement, website and Facebook links, and a deeper dive into measuring resiliency!