1-19-2021 Racial Healing & Healing Justice Affinity Space Event Detailed Poster

On January 19, 2021 at 6pm, TRACEs Central Oregon presents
our first, co-created Racial Healing Dialogues & Healing Justice Affinity Spaces event!

TRACEs was honored to receive grant funding from MRG Foundation in December to collectively foster community healing spaces grounded in the principles of Healing Justice that are created for and by our Central Oregon community.

This date was chosen because it is The National Day of Racial Healing with a national, virtual event hosted by the W.K. Foundation and local events occurring across the U.S. that bring community together to listen, learn and heal.

This effort and this Central Oregon event tie directly into what TRACEs and our partners founded TRACEs on:

A devotion to nurturing resilience and reducing the effects of trauma. Together we envision a region where every community has the strengths, social supports and community resources needed for every individual to thrive. Our collective impact breaks the cycle of generational poverty and historical oppression.

Our goal with the January 19th event is to offer spaces for Central Oregon folks to engage in healing justice practices and/or racial healing conversations.

These spaces will be caring, opt-in, breakout groups that are co-hosted by local community facilitators, healers, and artists.
Spaces will include affinity break out groups based on identities AND spaces for us to come together to heal and learn across race and identities.

Guided by principles of Healing Justice –  these spaces have been co-created folks of color, Black, Indigenous, Immigrant, LGBTQ+ folks, folks experiencing poverty and disabilities – honoring diversity among diversity.

This is the first of additional events and we hope to set the foundation for regular meetings with increased affinity spaces for and by our community.

The event was co-created with these community facilitators, healers, artists and therapists:

  • Shireen Amini of Shireen Amini Music Medicine
  • Michael “My’kee” Martinez
  • Tobiah Brown
  • Shenika Cumberbatch
  • Carol Delmonico of Wonder upRising!
  • Priscilla Calleros –
  • Mia Alvidrez
  • m liliana
  • Stephanie Beamer of Better Together
  • Kristen Kaul of TRACEs
  • Rutila
  • Dr. Dalton Miller-Jones & Beth Hoover of Restorative Justice & Equity Cadre
  • Jocelyn Otani & Jessica Daas, M.S., LMFT; of Complex(ion)
  •  Kerstin Arias of CODP
  • Mike Riley of The Environmental Center
  • Tim Rusk
  • Kerani Mitchell of TRACEs & Allyship in Action
    With Event Support from Culture of Care Team and Hand in Hand Productions!

The event program includes a group welcome, 90-minute breakout sessions and an all-group close.

Breakout sessions include a limited number of opt-in affinity healing justice spaces and dialogue spaces for anyone to join:

Women of Color Affinity Space with Jocelyn Otani & Jessica Daas

A Restorative Justice Space – Drawing on Restorative Justice tools to respond to racism  (non-affinity) with Beth Hoover, Dr. Dalton Miller-Jones & Michael My’kee Martinez – waitlist

A Spanish-Speaking Affinity Space with Rutila & Priscilla

A white men affinity space with Tim Rusk & Mike Riley

A white women affinity space with Kristen Kaul & Carol Delmonico – waitlist

A  few spaces for Racial Healing Dialogue (non-affinity) with Kerstin Arias of Central Oregon Diversity Project, Erin Rook of OSU-Cascades & Allyship in Action, Stephanie Beamer of Better Together, Kerani Mitchell of TRACEs & Allyship in Action, and David Hopper a community ally.

A BIPOC Healing Space with Shireen Amini & Tobiah Brown

and more!


On January 19, 6-8pm online by Zoom

Confirmed registrants will receive a link to the event and additional information.

What is Racial Healing Dialogue? Image A conversation that reinforces and honors our common humanity and creates space to celebrate the distinct differences that make our communities vibrant. Acknowledges that there are still deep racial divisions in America that must be overcome and healed and commits to engaging people from all racial, ethnic, religious and identity groups in genuine efforts to increase understanding, communication, caring and respect for one another. -National Day of Racial Healing Guide (W.K. Kellogg Foundation)."

Pre-registration required – email us to request registration link or ask for questions:

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Thank you to MRG FOUNDATION & TRACEs supporters for making this possible.

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